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Novak Djokovic
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Novak Djokovic

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April 6, 2017: “I think it’s a bit of everything and at the end of the day it’s also confidence. I’ve been coming over the backhand more than I ever have in previous years, especially off the return against right-handed and left-handed players. It gives me the belief that because I’m coming over the backhand so much that I can pull it off at the most important moments. Before the backhand was more of a set-up shot, a variation play, but now I feel it can also hurt a lot on the offensive whereas before it was more keeping me in the point or on the passing shot where I was always pretty good.
Roger Federer, telling Sky Sports about his evolving backhand which has improved since Ivan Ljubicic joined his coaching team and helped him win the Australian Open, Indian Wells, and the Miami Open to dominate the first three months of 2017.

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