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Chris Evert Quotes

chris evert
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2010 )

April 10, 2015: “It’s all so different. I mean, I’m glad I came up in the ‘70s. So glad. In the beginning, it was more fun. Look at all the people we had: we had Billie Jean [King] and Martina [Navratilova] and myself and Arthur Ashe and Jimmy [Connors] and John [McEnroe]. We started it, we started the tennis craze, and there wasn’t as much pressure and there wasn’t as much focus on us and we could have private lives. Nowadays players can’t have any privacy, with social media and everything. The women in my time were closer; we used to practise with each other and have dinner with each other that night. It’s just so different now. It’s big business.
— Tennis Legend Chris Evert, telling Telegraph Sport (UK) how dramatically pro tennis has changed since her debut.
May 28, 2014: “It doesn’t surprise me. I look back at Jimmy and me. To look at two players that are in the prime of their career and are striving to be No. 1, [you] don’t see each other. I mean, I was married in my 20s to my tennis. That was the only way I could put all my emotions and energies into that goal. I was in awe that it [Rory McIlroy and Wozniacki’s relationship] worked as long as it did. I can't believe it. They must be just different kind of people. I understand 100 percent, you’re married to your career. You’re using your emotions. You’re using the mental capacity that you have. You’re putting everything into it. That’s what it takes to be the best.”
Chris Evert, who was 19 when engaged to Jimmy Connors, another superstar, and has since been married to former British tennis player John Lloyd, downhill skier Andy Mill, and Australian golfer Greg Norman—all of them ending in divorce—on golfer Rory McIlroy’s recent decision to call off his wedding with former No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, in an ESPN conference call.
August 29, 2010: "We've been through so much history, so many layers of emotions. We were such opposites, it enabled us to get closer. She has my back; I have hers. I think people forget that we were left alone in the locker room every Sunday after we played final matches, and one of us would be crying and the other would be comforting--nobody saw that."
Chris Evert, telling Parade magazine of her long friendship with once rival Martina Navratilova who she faced in 80 matches, 60 of which were finals.
March 9, 2009: "I got to the point where there's no turning back. Is it scary? No, because there's just no turning back. You're aware of the consequences and the hurt and everything but, you know, love is a funny thing."
Chris Evert, telling Australia's '60 Minutes' program that she was not intimidated by the publicity that would surround the nature of her relationship with golf star and husband Greg Norman, who also divorced his former spouse, because love overcomes everything.

"My father taught me one important lesson: to not be afraid to lose."

-- All-time great Chris Evert, on how she learned to play without the fear of failure.

1989: "I would be disappointed if in a couple of years my name completely disappeared from the face of the earth. I mean, you get used to a certain lifestyle. I've been famous since I was 16 years old. It would be sort of shattering if, in two years, I went into a restaurant and said, 'Chris Evert would like a table,' and they said, 'Who?'"

- Tennis legend Chris Evert, soon after she retired in 1989, in Tennis magazine.

1988: "The hunger, the drive, a lot of that will stem from negative things, like insecurity, or wanting to get attention. When I started playing tennis, I was painfully shy. But I liked the attention. I'd go, God, people are accepting me because I'm winning."

- Chris Evert, on one source of the burning desire that made her a champion, in Esquire magazine.

"You're always striving to play that perfect match."

- Chris Evert, eighteen-time Grand Slam singles champion

"I guess she should be cocky. She beat me three years ago."

- Superstar Chris Evert, with a zinger for Hana Mandlikova, who claimed Evert was past her prime.

"A big deal was made of my femininity when I was younger, and I carried this image as the most feminine of the women players to the hilt. I took advantage of it. I made sure everything was perfect, from my earrings to the color of the pom-poms on my socks."

- Chris Evert, in the 1979 book, Inside Tennis: A Season on the Pro Tour by Peter Bodo.

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