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Chianna Shah, of Kolkata, India, is the winner of the inaugural Tennis Quote contest for the best tennis quote of 2012. Here is the winning entry, a thought-provoking quote from Andre Agassi in his best-selling autobiography, OPEN:

"It's no accident, I think that tennis uses the language of life. Advantage, service, fault, break, love, the basic elements of everyday existence, because every match is life in miniature. Even the structure of tennis, the way the pieces fit inside one another like Russian nesting dolls, mimics the structure of our days. Points become games become sets become tournaments, and it's all so tightly connected that any point can become the turning point. It reminds me of the way seconds become minutes become hours and any hour can be our finest or our darkest. It's our choice. But if tennis is life, then what follows tennis must be the unknowable void. That thought makes me cold."

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