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Ivan Lendl Quotes

Ivan Lendl
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October 1, 2013: "Ivan Lendl, Andy's coach, is always rude to me in his own inimitable way. Thankfully not just to me. It wasn't enough that he called me "granny" at the US Open. There was also the day in Miami when I just sneaked in quietly to watch Andy practice. I sat at the very top of the stand and Ivan unfortunately spotted me. He shouted up at me in full view of about 300 people: ‘What happened to your hair? Did you have an accident?’ He thinks he's funny."
Judy Murray, Andy Murray's mother and first coach and now Britain's Fed Cup captain, talking to BT Sport.
March 24, 2011: "I really don't have one with him. I wish we could. After all this time, you would think it would be reasonable."
— Ever-candid Ivan Lendl, when asked if he and John McEnroe, bitter rivals in the 1980s and now players on the senior tour, were friends and had a relationship with one another.
"On my deathbed with a 110-degree temperature, I wouldn't lose to you. "
- What 1980s superstar Ivan Lendl, who had beaten Brad Gilbert 15 straight times, told Gilbert in the locker room after he overcame a 4-1 deficit (and two service breaks) in the deciding set to prevail for the 16th straight time.
"After living in Czechoslovakia so long, I can't understand how anybody who wants a free life can go the liberal line. As much as I like and respect Martina, I just cannot see her point of view. Liberal is just a different name and a different stage for Communism."
- Ivan Lendl, in Tennis magazine, on how he and fellow Czech Martina Navratilova turned out so differently. (1995)
"I am not playing Wimbledon because I am allergic to grass."
- Ivan Lendl, who skipped Wimbledon in 1982 and was photographed during the fortnight playing golf.
"Until I win or die."
- Ivan Lendl, when asked how long he would keep trying to win Wimbledon. Alas, Lendl, who amassed three French and U.S. and two Australian titles, never achieved his magnificent obsession.

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