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Justine Henin Quotes

Justine Henin
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February 15, 2011: "I'm going to miss all the great feelings you have as a professional tennis player. I hope I'll pick the racquet up again one day, but more than anything I want to live a normal life."
—Seven-time Grand Slam winner Justine Henin, who retired for the second time in her career, soon after her third-round Australian Open loss where she was hampered by a chronic elbow injury.

January 04, 2010: "I felt I came from a different world. In the Congo, I saw how hard it was for so many people who had to flee their homes because of the conflict there. They were hungry and had no water. These were people who had nothing in life. It took weeks to recover from what I saw but, in another way, I learned so much. I realised it is so precious to be healthy, and to have people who love you."
Justine Henin, who travelled to the Congo and Cambodia in 2009 as an ambassador for UNICEF before she announced her 2010 comeback to the pro tour, in the Daily Mail (UK).
December 20, 2007: "When a kid is coming up and asking for an autograph and almost shaking - like I was when I asked Steffi Graf for her autograph - it is an honor and a responsibility."
— talking to Inside Sport (UK)
June 11, 2007: "Life has been hard with me in the past, but, as I've often said, I have no regrets about anything. The only thing I'd love to change is to have my mum with me [she died when Henin was 12]. But, in another way, losing her gave me a lot of personality, a lot of character. I know that today I have to push the limits back again - tennis is a great school for life, I think."
- Justine was estranged from her siblings and father for seven years until their recent reconciliation and separated from her husband six months ago.
December 1, 2004: "You know what I just can't stand any more? People who come up to me in the street and say 'Congratulations on Justine's win.' I can't bear it. They know we don't talk, but they still feel they have to say it. I don't feel part of this anymore, but I still can't help watching her big matches on TV."

-- Jose Henin, so hurt by a family feud that left him and his two sons estranged from his daughter, Justine Henin-Hardenne, that he has turned to heavy drinking, talking to The Mail on Sunday.

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