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Kim Clijsters Quotes

Kim Clijsters at Wimbledon
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2009 )

March 24, 2011: "I think Serena is the best player out there, and I think just as a tennis player and a tennis fan, I do miss her."
— No. 2-ranked Kim Clijsters, who won the last two majors − the 2010 U.S. Open and the 2011 Australian Open − graciously pays tribute to Serena Williams, who has been sidelined by foot injuries.
February 2, 2011: "Obviously over the years, it's been America, it's been Europe. It's all been very kind of divided between those two continents. It's nice to kind of see that Asia is starting - and especially China - starting to get recognized in this sport, too."
Kim Clijsters Australian Open champion, paying tribute to finalist Li Na, as well as other Chinese players, such as 2010 semifinalist Zheng Jie and the team of Yan Zi and Zheng, the 2006 doubles champions.
November 11, 2010: "We kind of grew up together. I've been playing with her since the juniors. It's nice to see her look forward to something new in her life. She's been one of the most professional, nicest girls on tour. It will be rare to see another player like her."
Kim Clijsters, paying tribute to Elena Dementieva, the longtime top 10 player and 2008 Olympic gold medalist who announced her retirement, while also speaking of the special rapport she had with Dementieva.
May 13, 2007: "It has been more than fun, but the rackets are being hung up. To retire before the age of 24, it is very young - but it was so beautiful. I would have been able to continue for a few months and to take part in the four most lucrative tournaments [three Grand Slams and the Masters]. Money is important, but not the most important thing in my life. Health and private happiness are so much more important."

- Kim Clijsters, Belgium's injury-plagued tennis star, announcing her retirement.

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