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Li Na Quotes

Li Na
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Oct 17, 2014: “What I really want to do now is try to set up a tennis school of my own and do basic things to help build up the base for Chinese tennis. Like a pyramid, I believe only with a solid base Chinese tennis can have a better future. Keep an eye out. They’ll be coming. Maybe even better than me.
Li Na, who retired at age 32, revealing her plans for the future.
Oct 1, 2014: “After the surgery in July, I tried very hard to recover, hoping I can make it to participate in tennis matches in China, especially the Wuhan Tennis Open which is the first-ever big tennis match in my hometown. However, this is my fourth big surgery, and with my age and physical state, it is hard for me. I’m very satisfied with my tennis career. I feel this is the best time for me to retire. I don’t feel sorry or have any regrets about retiring. When I was making this decision I asked myself, ‘If I retire, will I regret it?’ My heart told me I wouldn’t, because I’ve done my best.
— Chinese superstar Li Na, saying surgery on her knees was the reason she decided to retire from the pro tour at age 32..

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