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Marat Safin Quotes

Marat Safin
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July 7, 2008: "I never lost it, otherwise I would have stopped a long time ago really, because for sure I'm not doing it for the money. Nobody's doing it for the cash. I think there are plenty of players that are doing it because they love the game. We love to go on the court. We love to suffer, and we love to win. That makes a huge difference, because after tennis, you're going to miss that adrenaline."
Marat Safin, who says he's never lost his passion for competing despite being plagued by injuries and major slumps, after losing to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon semis.
March 12, 2006:"I am totally against it. I think it will destroy the game. It will slow it down, lose the momentum and the motion of the game. Who was this genius who came up with this stupid idea? Who approved it? They are looking for solutions on how to save the game, and this is not it. It is bull. This definitely is not the way to help the game."

Marat Safin, telling the Orange County Register that he opposes instant re-play and player challenges that will be used for the first time by the ATP and the WTA Tours at the Nasdaq-100 Open.
February 18, 2005:"Public opinion was in my head, that I would never win another major. I didn't think I could. My coach convinced me I could do it again. That's why this is my most special win. Beating Sampras was a mistake. I had nothing to lose. Nobody really cared. Even if I would lose in three sets, people would say, 'Great tournament, you played great-but he's Pete Sampras.' No pressure. Then the pressure came."
-- Marat Safin, 2005 Australian Open champion, 25, confiding about his doubts ever since winning the 2000 U.S. Open by annihilating Pete Sampras.
February 1, 2005:: "I just get so nervous, get so uptight because it's last match. You understand the situation. It's the last match, you have to give your best, and I don't want to lose it because then it's like nobody cares about the finalist basically. To be finalist the third time and not winning a Grand Slam, it will be like really disappointment huge one. So for me, that win was just a kind of a relief."

-- Marat Safin, who had lost his two previous Australian Open finals, explaining the great pressure he felt against Lleyton Hewitt in the 2005 final

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