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Marion Bartoli Quotes

August 18, 2013: "What I'm so proud of is to see the eyes of my dad when I won. He told me, 'Marion, you can lose every single match you're going to play. I don't even care anymore. What I care for you is you get married, you find a nice husband, and that's it.' My dreams now are outside of tennis. It's different. When I'll be retired, it's to have a nice family, to have a nice husband. But tennis-wise, I achieved my dream."
— What Marion Bartoli told reporters before the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, where she announced her surprise retirement just six weeks after winning Wimbledon.
July 10, 2013: "When I started this campaign back on Court 14, if you told me I'd be in the final I would not believe you, so to hold this trophy is unthinkable. I mean, I can't still realize I just won Wimbledon. I can't realize I'm a Wimbledon champion. It's just so overwhelming."
Marion Bartoli, who had lost to nine opponents ranked below the top 20 this year before surprising everyone, including herself, to win Wimbledon without dropping a set.

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