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Mary Carillo Quotes

Mary Carillo
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June 13, 2015: “That to me is her greatest asset: her fight and her will. Everyone says she has the greatest serve of all time, but that’s not what separates her [from the competition]. This tournament, this is a perfect example of why she has won so much and why she’s such a fearless competitor. It seems not to occur to her that she’s going to lose a match, even when she’s not playing well. She can’t be budged.
Mary Carillo, a Tennis Channel and NBC analyst, on Serena Williams, who lost the first set in four French Open victories going into the final, in USA Today.
April 11, 2013: "I find that to be so sexist. Men don't have it, but the women are allowed to say, 'Daddy, she's breaking my serve'? Are you kidding me? This is the biggest women's sport in the world. We've had decades of mental toughness. It was always, 'Give me the ball, I'm going to figure a way to walk off winning this. I refuse to lose.' That's the whole, beautiful point of it. Here's a sport with a chance to show young girls what a strong and independent woman can do, yet you get this- basically saying, 'I can't figure this out by myself, I'm just a woman.' That galls me."
— TV tennis analyst, Mary Carillo, with an astute analysis why the one of the worst rules in sports is the WTA Tour's allowing on-court coaching, in Inside Tennis.
September 16, 2009: "Serena can be disingenuous off the court, make excuses and not give her opponents credit, but I will always remember her and Venus for being incredibly fair and honest on the court. Serena doesn't argue line calls. She doesn't even [use the Hawkeye] challenge. She usually just gets on with it. I've always really admired her for that. This was an aberration. I've never seen her like that."
— ESPN TV analyst Mary Carillo, on Serena Williams's obscenity-laced tirade and threatening gestures toward a U.S. Open lineswoman who called her for foot-faulting, on

August 21, 2005: "As for the ATP doubles debacle, what a colossal error those knuckleheads have made this time. I approached both my bosses at ESPN and NBC during Wimbledon, and I asked them if the new format for doubles would get doubles more air time. Both network execs laughed at the notion. The ATP has dropped the ball so many times so many ways, but this could be the stupidest 'innovation' of all."

Mary Carillo, award-winning TV tennis analyst

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