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Michael Chang Quotes

Michael Chang
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2009 )

2012: "I got comments about being too small, too short, there haven't been any Asian players and who am I to go out there and turn pro before my 16th birthday? And that's all good and fine. People want to have their comments and their opinions. Ultimately, you do what you believe in your heart. I think for me, things turned out OK."

Michael Chang, 1989 French Open champion and former world No. 2, recalling his early experiences for the Palm Beach Post and referencing Jeremy Linn, an NBA journeyman who recently became a New York Knick sensation..

2002: "I have always held a strong feeling that God granted me a measure of on-court success because that allowed me the chance to tell others about Jesus Christ. That's why I have seen myself as an evangelist with a tennis racket ever since I won the French Open."

-Michael Chang, in his 2002 autobiography, Holding Serve.

1989: "This is really strange, but I have this feeling that Michael is going to win the French Open."

-Michael Chang's mother, Betty, said to her husband, Joe, right before the 1989 French Open started. Seventeen-year-old Michael shocked everyone by winning Roland Garros to become the youngest Grand Slam men's champion in history

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