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Nick Bolletieri Quotes

Nick Bolletieri
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2009 )

May 1, 2015: “Mike Agassi attacks all those who have helped him in the past. It’s a sad thing. I encourage him to listen to what Andre said last year: ‘Without Bollettieri, who took care of me I would not be who I am. That is number one in the world, a happy father, a multi-millionaire who helps young [people].’ Andre would have never become the No. 1, playing serve and volley. So what does Mike Agassi want?
Nick Bollettieri, responding to Andre Agassi’s father Mike, who in Andre’s autobiography had attacked Bollettieri and had said that he didn’t teach to his son how to play at the net, in the Italian newspaper, La Stampa.

"Maria Sharapova − Intimidating. She’s always had a self-confident air about herself − her physique, her makeup. She has a warm smile, but underneath that smile she is competitive as hell."

"I said 'I'm the best coach in the world' because that's the way I actually feel. I'm unusual because God has given me the talent to understand people and know how to relate to them. No two people are the same. One of the keys to coaching is being able to spot those idiosyncrasies in people very quickly, and then be able to deliver a message that they can understand and believe and follow."

"Monica Seles is a good example of what sports is about. She's never once complained about what happened [being stabbed during a Hamburg tournament in 1993] in the prime of her career. She's a lady both on and off the court. "

"When people introduce me as the most famous coach in the world, that sends a chill through my body. But that's not what I want to be remembered for. What Nick wants to be remembered for, which will be in the book, is the impact I've made on different lives. There will be examples in that book of how I've impacted lives. That's the most important thing."

"Marcelo Rios was by far the most talented student I ever had in my 53 years. He could do it all. He worked extremely hard in the gym and on the court. But he never lived up to the responsibilities of being a sportsman. He didn't appreciate children. He didn't say thank you or sign autographs."

"Andre Agassi said a terrific thing to me when he was going home on a vacation. He was 14, going on 15. He said, "Nick, do you ever listen to anybody? You'd be surprised what you could learn." That really helped me become a better listener."

2001:"When I had Andre for six-and-one-half years, my main job was to keep him out of jail."

Roger Federer

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