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Michael Chang
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Michael Chang

October - December, 2005

December 26, 2005: "If we start implementing a tiebreaker, instead of a third set, in mixed doubles, eventually it's going to go to men's doubles and women's doubles and, in the long term, singles as well. And then tennis is no longer a true test of skill, and nothing like we've known it. We have a successful scoring system, and we're changing that. What they're doing to mixed doubles now is the beginning of the downfall of the whole game."

— All-time doubles great Todd Woodbridge, presciently predicting in 2001 when the Australian Open implemented a tiebreaker in lieu of the deciding set in mixed doubles, that the ATP would eventually make the same rule change in men's doubles, which the ATP is doing—along with adopting No.Ad scoring—starting in 2006.
December 1, 2005: "We agree that doubles players should not have been forced to file a lawsuit. Instead, the game's leaders, including the ATP, USTA, ITF and the Grand Slams, should have stood tall alongside the tramlines of center courts everywhere to assure the traditional fabric of doubles would not be unravelled."

Eugene L. Scott, publisher of Tennis Week, in his Oct. 29, 2005 "Vantage Point" column that denounced the ATP's misbegotten "campaign to marginalize and, many think, eventually eliminate the bona fide doubles teams."
November 15, 2005: "What the ATP is doing to doubles is a disgrace. The ATP is trying to take away one of the greatest games in the world doubles."
Rennae Stubbs, winner of 52 career doubles titles, including Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Australian Open, plus two Grand Slam mixed doubles titles.

November 1, 2005: "I loved playing singles and doubles at the junior, college, and pro levels. The doubles game needs some help, but the suggestions [reforms] made by the ATP were not the right ones, and the process that the ATP took was certainly not appropriate. The ATP, ITF, WTA and Tournaments should put more effort into promoting the doubles game. The players could help by playing with local players and holding clinics for the men, women, and kids in the cities in which they are competing. Wiith everyone working together, the skill and excitement of the game of doubles will be supported and appreciated even more by the fans."
Stan Smith, all time great.

October 12, 2005: "In our history, Wilson has always supported the artful game of Doubles that most tennis fans play. We believe that a good doubles match can be one of the fastest and most exciting of all sports events and therefore support the Bryan brothers, Jonas Bjorkman, Max Mirnyi, Daniel Nestor, Michael Llodra, and all our athletes in their efforts to preserve Doubles."

"WE LOVE DOUBLES" statement supporting pro doubles players who have powerfully protested the ATP's foolish and destructive doubles reforms, on, the website of Wilson sporting goods company.

October 1, 2005: "There is no hidden factor, no bones about what the ATP is trying to do. They are trying to get rid of the doubles guys. The only reason they're going to keep the top four doubles teams is because the Bryans [Bob and Mike] are in the top four. If they weren't in the top four, they'd scrap doubles altogether."

Leander Paes, the highly respected, former world No. 1 doubles player and 14-year tour veteran, denouncing the ATP's wrongheaded and destructive doubles reforms in Inside Tennis magazine.


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