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"Paul Fein hits another ace with You Can Quote Me on That."

-Pete Sampras, fourteen-time Grand Slam singles champion

Roger Federer at Wimbledon
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2009 )

Roger Federer at Wimbledon

"If you want a wide variety of tennis talk gathered in one place, this is the book for you."

- TENNIS Magazine

"Started reading and couldn't stop and not just become I'm a tennis writer. There's a lot of wisdom inside and outside these lines. A fair bit of ignorance, too, which only makes the book more interesting. La Rochefoucauld and John Bartlett would have approved. These are maxims for the modern tennis fan."

-Christopher Clarey, tennis writer,
International Herald Tribune and New York Times

"An amusing read for any tennis fan interested in great quips, zingers, and even insights."

-Peter Bodo,

"Though tennis may be a game of errors, occasionally someone hits a clean winner, and that is certainly the case with Paul Fein's new book You Can Quote Me On That. Fein, one of the world's top tennis journalists for over two decades, has served up an ace with this collection of nearly 1700 entertaining, educational and thought-provoking quotes from the games greatest personalities and legends. This is not just a series of witty one-liners. From Bill Tilden up through Serena Williams, Fein has put together a treasure chest of quotes cleverly arranged to give us an inside look at the world's greatest game, its issues and those who make it special."

Greg Moran, columnist

"Paul Fein is tennis' answer to John Bartlett. This exhaustive work belongs next to Bud Collins' encyclopedia on your tennis reference desk. Covering a sport that, collectively, doesn't mince many words, Fein has produced an entertaining compendium of memorable lines. Beyond the digs, the cute bon mots, and the malaprops, the real strength of this work is its depth — quotes spanning more than a century that offer a window into different eras. Unlike the various chicken littles who bemoaned the "fad" of the two-handed backhand, we'll happily go on record as predicting that Fein's work will endure."

-Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated and tennis writer

"Out of the mouths of tennis players comes Paul Fein's wonderful, witty, profound, catty collection of quotations from a who's who of tennis past and present."

-Donna Doherty, former editor of Tennis magazine

" 'I'm not backing down from anybody,' Lleyton Hewitt once said. 'You don't play this game to win. You play to kill people out there.'

Hewitt's memorable confession is one of more than 1700 quotes by, or about, tennis players, and collected by the game's most indefatigable researcher, America's Paul Fein. They are published in a book titled You Can Quote Me on That — Tennis's Greatest Quips, Insights, and Zingers.

Divided into 35 chapters, ranging from Life on the Tour to Love Affairs and Sex and the Singles Player, the book makes irresistible reading.

You Can Quote Me on That provides a fascinating commentary on a sport packed with human drama — a worthy addition to anyone's tennis library."

-Australian Tennis Magazine

"If only fans knew how hard it is to squeeze a clever quote out of tennis players, most of whom equate the interview room with a 15-minute visit to jail. Thank goodness for Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi, and Billie Jean King, who never held anything back and turned phrases as easily as they hit winners. And thanks now to Paul Fein for collecting the most colorful tennis wit and wisdom through the ages in a book that offers inspiration, insight and cover-to-cover laughs."

-Steve Wilstein, Associated Press sports columnist and tennis writer

"Paul Fein has collected many of the defining descriptions of the game and its players-things said in anger and awe, disappointment and desperation. To read this book is to visit tennis through the voices of its people."

-Mary Carillo, TV tennis analyst and
the 1977 French Open mixed doubles champion

"Tennis is cluttered with many a forgettable quote. Fortunately, in his new more than readable book, You Can Quote Me On That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights, and Zingers, Paul Fein delivers the gems in a wide-ranging mix of comments and quips.... Tennis mirrors life with some precision, and in Fein's compelling collection we learn about everything and nothing: 'The entertainment world,' says former pro Iva Majoli, 'is like the tennis circuit. When you win, you are the most beautiful, smart person in the world. When you lose, though, you are nothing.' Throughout Fein's easy-read collection, we get intriguing reflections on life's little issues — change, war, peace and love. "

-Inside Tennis magazine

"Witticisms, insults and locker-room trivia are rarer in a player's post-match press conference than a Brit in the second round, so feast upon Paul Fein's new collection."

-Daily Telegraph (UK)

"You Can Quote Me on That is as fascinating for its historical dimensions as its human revelations. It's informative and entertaining."

-Louis Cayer, Head National Coach, Tennis Canada

"Someone used to say, teasing our bad habits as journalists: 'Never spoil a good story with the truth.' But Paul Fein respects his readers so much that he decided this time to take absolutely no risks, collecting instead real interviews of the past and the present in order to write an anthology of the most interesting tennis quotes which nobody will ever discuss because they have made the true and often significant story of our wonderful sport."

- Ubaldo Scanagatta, Italy's leading tennis writer and TV commentator

"It's a must for both tennis cognoscenti and all those who enjoy a light and entertaining read."

-Greg Hunter, former editor, Inside Sport (Australia)

"You'll laugh and learn when you read You Can Quote Me On That. The players' unfiltered words capture the dramas, rivalries, and passions that make tennis so entertaining and intriguing. This book is a keeper!"

-Chris Evert, all-time great

"Whether they're glad or mortified to have said whatever, Paul Fein wasn't going to let such good quotes get away from us."

-Bud Collins, Boston Globe/NBC

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading You Can Quote Me On That, Paul Fein's latest tribute to the funny side of tennis. There are a total of 1700 quotes divided into 35 chapters. While most of the quotes are from current and past tennis players — Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams and Lleyton Hewitt to name a few — there are also quotes from actors, politicians and USTA officials. "

-Marcia Frost, Editor,

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