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Ryan Harrison Quotes

Ryan Harrison, age 17
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2010 )

September 3, 2010: "It was incredibly fun playing in front of a crowd like that. I mean, it was the first time I ever played in the main draw of the US Open was two days ago. To have a crowd like that behind me on one of the biggest stadium courts here and have people all the support I had, it was incredible. I mean, obviously I'm not the happiest person in the world right now. But looking back on it, it was a great experience. My ranking is 220 in the world right now, and I'm trying to hopefully get to the top 10. So I feel like one match doesn't make or break that. It's the experience of playing these type of matches that is really going to help me to get there."
Ryan Harrison, age 17, on playing in his first U.S. Open.

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