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Yannick Noah Quotes

Yannick Noah
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May 2, 2017: “I guess I’m from the old generation. It’s almost devastating to see such an event disappearing. It is heartbreaking to me. Of course, I understand that the economy is central to all the decisions nowadays but sometimes dreamers can think there is more than that. I always played in the competition. It was an opportunity to meet other people, and go to different places where they don't have the opportunity to see this kind of tennis. So yes, we might have a different format and go to Dubai [for a neutral final]. It’s going to be economically very good, but I think we’re going to lose something that is essential which is about two countries meeting each other. There were 4,000 kids here [watching practice on Wednesday] who will never see such players again unless they go to the French Open. This Davis Cup can do that. It seems that I don’t read this much about the Davis Cup, I read a lot about privileged people acting like privileged people and it’s sad.
— French Davis Cup captain and 1983 French Open champion Yannick Noah, saddened that Novak Djokovic is the only member of the top ten to make himself available in the Davis Cup first round and quarterfinals, and dismayed that the ITF in August will likely approve a neutral final, which would maximize commercial opportunities for the ITF, while stripping out the vivid tribalism that animates these home-and-away ties, and makes them different from the rest of the ATP calendar.
November 28, 2011: "I'm shocked every time that I've reached so many finals or won against so many players or whatever record it is. It strikes me and makes me obviously very happy and very proud that I've been able to do it for so many years at the highest of levels."
Roger Federer, after capturing his sixth Barclays ATP World Tour Finals title, breaking the record he shared with Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl.

"I have always considered tennis as combat in an arena between two gladiators who have their rackets and their courage as weapons."

Yannick Noah, 1983 French Open champion.

"What a monster! I want nothing to do with him. All that money and he never has time to smile. He gives the game a bad image."

Yannick Noah, on the dour Ivan Lendl.

"All of a sudden, I wasn't a tennis player anymore. I was black and I was a nobody and the reactions of people were completely different. Nothing bad, nothing that could start a fight, just different. In fact, I've never had any problems being black here. It's like Larry Holmes says: When you're black and you have money, then you are not black."

Yannick Noah, recalling how he became unrecognized in France when he started wearing Rastafarian dreadlocks, in a 1983 Sports Illustrated article.

Roger Federer

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