"Paul is one of the most professional journalists I have met."
-- Patrick Mouratoglou, coach of Serena Williams

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You Can Quote me on That!

The greatest quips, insights and zingers
from the world of professional tennis

by Paul Fein

You Can Quote Me on That isn't about the polite, country-club sport where players shake hands over the net and offer congratulations on a fine drop shot. It views tennis from inside, where competition is grueling, tempers flare, and egos collide. Top tennis journalist Paul Fein has compiled hundreds of the most outrageous, most significant, and most illuminating quotes on, by, and about tennis's biggest stars and hottest controversies. [Read more...]

The Best Tennis Books of 2019

  1. The Birth of Lawn Tennis: From the Origins of the Game to the First Championship at Wimbledon by Robert T. Everitt and Richard A. Hillway (Vision Sports Publishing Ltd.)
  1. The Pros: The Forgotten Era of Tennis by Peter Underwood (New Chapter Press)
  1. Juan Martin del Potro: The Gentle Giant by Sebastian Torok (New Chapter Press)
  1. Master Your Tennis Game: 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics by Ken DeHart (Rockridge Press)
  1. New Ways in Tennis: Drills, Complex- and Cardio-Training by Christian Scherer and Sandro Costa (Independently published)

Pro Tennis Quotes of the Month

June 20, 2020: “Tennis is my first love, and even though it's been years since I've competed, it's still heartbreaking to officially say goodbye. This has been a long time coming, guys. I'm sure those of you who have followed my tennis career know that I've undergone numerous surgeries in the past few years. Unfortunately, they weren't successful enough for me to return to tennis.”

— Former world No. 24 Jamie Hampton, who notched big wins over Caroline Wozniacki and Kiki Bertens seven years ago when she had a highly promising career, announced her retirement at age 30 in May. A series of injuries repeatedly sidelined her and prevented her from reaching her considerable potential.

June 20, 2020: “I think that I still have things to do in this sport. I believe that I can win the most Slams and break the record for most weeks at No.1. Those are definitely my clear goals. I don't believe in limits. I definitely want to go for a long time. But I'm aware that the amount of tournaments I'm playing is going to decrease very soon. I will not be able to play at this intensity, with this many tournaments and this much travelling, for a long time. I might be playing at 40, but then there will probably be a focus on the biggest tournaments and the tournaments that mean the most to me.”

Novak Djokovic talking on the "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" TV show. Djokovic, who celebrated his 33rd birthday on May 22, sees himself still playing at 40.

June 20, 2020: “I am in tears watching this video. Everyday innocent people are dying because of our skin color. No one deserves to die like that. I just can’t believe this. This needs to stop. I promise to always use my platform to help make the world a better place.”

— What 16-year-old rising star Coco Gauff wrote on Twitter to protest the death of George Floyd, after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin crushed Floyd’s neck on a street after he and three officers apprehended him for a suspected crime.

June 20, 2020: “I learned a lot from the two-month isolation. I realized that in the last six years I’ve been actually on a total lockdown. It occurred to me that I have to change something in my life, in order to also develop on the emotional and personal side. The fact that I’ve been on lockdown for six years has helped me become world No. 1, but now, for me to have a happy life without tennis, I am slowly trying to experience new feelings, see something else. My mindset is such that it tells me I have to be home at 10 p.m. in the evening because I have to train the next morning. I can't let go completely, but I’ve progressed a bit. And I’m proud."

—Wimbledon champion Simona Halep, telling Agerpres that although she is undoubtedly disturbed by the fact that she can’t compete for trophies and titles now, she took advantage of this no-tennis window and explored the other facets of her soul. Now that she’s done it, Halep feels grateful for the time spent in lockdown.

June 20, 2020: “I’m talking as a player now – but I’m also a tournament director and I am able to see the reality, to see how tough it is to survive in this crisis. It is hitting everyone. It’s tough to break even. This is what the players need to understand. It is really urgent that everybody plays. But, if we don’t have tournaments, it’s possible the ATP is not going to survive either. We need to stay together. It is the only way to survive.”

Feliciano López, telling The Guardian (UK), that players, rich and struggling, will have to accept “significant” cuts in prize money to save their sport. López has also warned that the ATP may not survive the coronavirus crisis. While the west London host of the ATP 500 tournament idles along with the rest of tennis, López paints a grim picture as the industry wrestles with the impact of Covid-19. López, eager to resume playing at 38, is also the Madrid Open’s director and offers a unique perspective on what might happen next.


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Jelena Ostapenko
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2017 )

Jelena Ostapenko's Backhand at the 2017 French Open.

Federer wins Wimbledon 2017
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2017 )

Roger Federer wins a record 8th title at Wimbledon.

Coco Gauff, 14-year-old prodigy
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2017 )

World No. 1 junior Coco Gauff, a 14-year-old prodigy from Delray Beach, Florida, hits an open-stance forehand at the 2018 Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships, which she won.


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