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You Can Quote me on That!

The greatest quips, insights and zingers
from the world of professional tennis

by Paul Fein

You Can Quote Me on That isn't about the polite, country-club sport where players shake hands over the net and offer congratulations on a fine drop shot. It views tennis from inside, where competition is grueling, tempers flare, and egos collide. Top tennis journalist Paul Fein has compiled hundreds of the most outrageous, most significant, and most illuminating quotes on, by, and about tennis's biggest stars and hottest controversies. [Read more...]

The Best Tennis Books of 2019

  1. The Birth of Lawn Tennis: From the Origins of the Game to the First Championship at Wimbledon by Robert T. Everitt and Richard A. Hillway (Vision Sports Publishing Ltd.)
  1. The Pros: The Forgotten Era of Tennis by Peter Underwood (New Chapter Press)
  1. Juan Martin del Potro: The Gentle Giant by Sebastian Torok (New Chapter Press)
  1. Master Your Tennis Game: 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics by Ken DeHart (Rockridge Press)
  1. New Ways in Tennis: Drills, Complex- and Cardio-Training by Christian Scherer and Sandro Costa (Independently published)

Pro Tennis Quotes of the Month

May 18, 2020: “I completely agree with that [one can’t compare different generations in the GOAT debate] but, in reality, all three of the best players are playing in the same generation. Nobody competes with Rafa on clay, Roger’s record at Wimbledon is the best, your [Novak Djokovic’s] record on hard court is the best. When people ask me what my toughest match is, who are the hardest guys to play against, I feel like I’m competing against the best hard court player ever, the best clay court player, and the best grass court player.”

Andy Murray, telling the BBC about his view of the men’s GOAT.

May 18, 2020: “Obviously players like above all to play in front of full stands... but it's better than having the season cancelled. It would be hugely good for fans. By the start of the US Open, people would be so impatient for tennis they would look forward to matches with no spectators. This is why I favor 'in camera' until normal conditions can be restored. The only problem is travel for the players.”

Alexander Zverev told Bild that he prefers playing in front of empty stands to having no events. Zverev says he is in favor of playing events with no fans if required, and is also willing to compete in a rescheduled French Open. While tournaments and players have generally been reluctant to consider playing in front of empty stands, it now appears preferable to an extended hiatus due to coronavirus.

May 18, 2020: “When it comes to mental strength there is no one better than Rafa. Over the years, we have seen him bounce back from injury so many times. He probably has had more injuries than anyone on the ATP tour. He has managed to comeback from every single one of them. When you walk onto the court with him and you see him jumping, you know you are facing a gladiator. You know you are facing a mental giant. He is mentally stronger than even Roger Federer.”

Novak Djokovic, saying that when it came to mental strength, the first name was Rafael Nadal. Djokovic and Nadal faced each other 55 times with Djokovic leading 29–26. Djokovic leads 15–11 in finals. Of these matches, 15 have been in Grand Slams with Nadal leading 9–6”

May 18, 2020: “I know the Futures Tour and played there for two years. There are a lot of people who don’t give everything to sport. I don’t see why I should give money to such people. I would prefer to donate to people or institutions that really need it. I’m not guaranteed in any profession to make a lot of money at some point. No tennis players are fighting for survival, not even the ones down below. Nobody has to starve. None of us top people got it as a gift. We had to fight our way up."

Dominic Thiem, telling the Kronen Zeitung newspaper that he does not like the idea of giving up his own money. Thiem, 26, has career on-court earnings approaching $24 million.

May 18, 2020: “I like the history of tennis. I like the way it’s played. Obviously, I feel the need to bring interesting things [to the court], but I’m not quite sure of the way, because I like the duel… I like the tension of the two players competing. You have to respect the history of the sport and the duel and the fight like two gladiators going on court. I think that’s essentially the essence of tennis, so for my part I am a big fan of that.”

— Although Canada's rising star Felix Auger-Aliassime is a teenager, he spoke on Eurosport about how much he appreciates the history of the sport.


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Jelena Ostapenko
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2017 )

Jelena Ostapenko's Backhand at the 2017 French Open.

Federer wins Wimbledon 2017
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2017 )

Roger Federer wins a record 8th title at Wimbledon.

Coco Gauff, 14-year-old prodigy
( Photo credit: Art Seitz ©2017 )

World No. 1 junior Coco Gauff, a 14-year-old prodigy from Delray Beach, Florida, hits an open-stance forehand at the 2018 Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships, which she won.


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